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BIG. BRAVE. BOLD. Let's do this!

These three words are the way I want to live my life.

Hey, I'm Becca! I'm the owner of BIG Studio, and I am so glad you're here. I'm freaking pumped for you to be committed to living your most creative life and I hope you can join our community and learn to be big, brave, and bold in all things!

BIG Studio helps people live their most confident and creative lives. We do that by teaching you to sing, dance, act, play, and be. At BIG, we want to change the world one BIG, BRAVE, BOLD action at a time.

In all honesty, BIG Studio happened almost by accident. After spending a decade in the high school classroom teaching music and theatre, I knew it was time to venture out and do something new and different. I wanted to have a life where I could always be myself, use my gifts to help others, and still be the kind of mom and friend I want to be. So, one thing led to another, and now here we are. We are BIG Studio - a safe space where people can grow as artists and as human beings while creating opportunities for our community to express itself through the performing arts.

Here at the studio, we offer more than private voice and piano along with special performing arts programming. We offer a place for you to explore, to make new friends, to laugh, to sing, to dance, and to be yourself.

So join us. You can expect to be challenged, to grow, to get out of your comfort zone, the learn new things, to be silly, to make mistakes, and - if you really want to - to master the art form that you are feeling most called to pursue. Together we will be BIG, BRAVE, and BOLD. Choose your adventure. Take that first big, brave, bold step and message me about your goals. Let's do this. I can't wait to do this thing together!



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